Melanie Kimberlin, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, Certified Trauma and Resilience Coach

No White Picket Fence For Me!

My life has not turned out like I envisioned. I have been married twice – and because of poor choices all around, I ended up experiencing a lot of grief. My children rejected me. I was married to an alcoholic for 13 years (4 of those with him in prison). I fought an eating disorder for many years. These are only some of the experiences that drained me of all self-esteem and confidence.

You may have the same list, if not worse! During my dark days, people often gave me advice, – well-meaning, and probably good advice. But I usually could not act on it. Now that I see how powerful coaching is, I wish I had a coach back when I was going through the rough years. I decided to become a Certified Professional Life Coach so that I could help other women navigate these stormy waters more smoothly than I was able to.

Learning and putting into action the concepts and methods that I teach inside the 12-week Confidence Incubator has been life changing. Now I am confident in helping other people like yourself do the same. I have been happily single for many years and am reconciled with 3 of my 4 children. I went from barely making it to having a career that has enabled me to own my own home, travel and satisfy my true passion of coaching other women to also confidently thrive.

I have been actively mentoring women through 12-step recovery for over 30 years. I have been a leader in Celebrate Recovery for 15 years. I am a Christian and am happy to coach on spiritual matters.

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